What tags GearEye uses?

FAQ » What tags GearEye uses?

Can I switch items after I put RFID tag on it?

Though an RFID sticker can survive one peel-off, its adhesive ability decreases with each usage, and we do not recommend switching tagged items. The stickers we use are super affordable, and you can easily replace them instead.

Are GearTags reusable?

GearEye’s RFID tags are incredibly low-cost; you can just easily replace them. We suggest not to use a Tracking Tags more than once.

Can GearEye tags be used with metal or liquid?

Regular GearTags are ideal for tracking any type of non-metal gear. However, the tags that can be used on metal or liquid items are special. They are thicker and have the shorter scanning range. These tags are part of some GearEye products

Are these tags waterproof?

Though the GearEye team is working on developing waterproof RFID Tags in the future, Tracking tags we use now are not waterproof, and their adhesive and scanning abilities decline after the exposure to liquids.

What kind of tags does GearEye use?

GearEye uses passive RFID tags, they stay dormant until they are powered by a magnetic field generated by a scanner - the GearEye RFID Tracker. Our UHF RFID tags comply with ISO 18000-6C standard (EPC Gen2 protocol)

Can GearEye read any other RFID tag?

GearEye team has carefully selected the best RFID tags to work with our Tracking Device and give us the best results. However, it may also work well with any other standard passive RFID tags.

Do these tags have a battery? Are they rechargeable?

GearEye Tracking Device work with standard passive RFID stickers and tags, which were specially selected by our team to give the optimal scanning results. They are battery-free, super affordable, and don't need to be charged - they just last for years.

What can I stick the GearTags on?

You can stick the GearEye Tracking Tags to every item you want to keep track of - boxes, tools, camera gear, wallet, pills, cards, glasses, passport, driving license. Different GearTags are for various items, depending on their size and nature. There are tags for metal items and regular tags for other materials.

Can GearEye read multiple tags at once?

GearEye RFID Tracker not only enables you to organize your most important equipment into separate lists, but it also tracks all of your gear and checks the entire lists in just one click, so you can immediately see what is missing.

What is so unique about the GearTags?

GearEye uses battery-free RFID Tags and Stickers. With GearEye Tracking Device you can tag and track any of your essential belongings: wallet, credit card, passport, driving license. Our tracking stickers come in different sizes and forms to fit most of your items

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