GearEye in the Press

"I’ll be honest, I very rarely get excited about a product on Kickstarter, which is why it’s very rare to see us promoting any of the campaigns. However, this one is pretty cool."
"Here is a smart gear management system that lets you keep track of your items on your smartphone. GearEye combines with RFID tags you can attach to your items for easy tracking. GearTags are easy to attach to your equipment. With the push of a button, you will see on your phone what’s missing. "
"If your profession requires you carry lots of different components such as camera lenses, computer hardware or similar. You might be interested in a new gear management system called GearEye, which has been designed by a team based in Miami Florida to help you organise and track your equipment."
"So you have lots of gadgets that you carry everywhere you go? With GearEye, you are going to have an easier time tracking them. It comes with RFID tags that you can attach to your gear to keep an eye on them on your smartphone. The tags are affordable and easy to use. GearEye tracks your items and lets you know when something is missing. It also has a “locate” function."
"...GearEye's new RFID tagging system for your gear could change the way you pack for your shoots forever. Thin stickers in three versions allow you to tag all kinds of gear..."
"GearEye's solution goes beyond Bluetooth trackers with its ability to conveniently tag individual pieces of gear. Each RFID sticker is ultra-thin and adheres to just about anything."
"GearEye hits Kickstarter to help people locate valuables..."
"They’re also cheaper, with 40 RFID tags costing less than one Bluetooth tag...The current version of the app allows users to add 30 items in one list, up to a maximum of five lists per user. Future versions won’t have any restrictions, but there’s no timeline on when that might happen."
"If you are constantly misplacing your belongings then this device could save you a lot of time.
The GearEye is "the ultimate gear management system" that works by tracking RFID tags which have been stuck to things you want to group or locate."
"Can something as simple as a smart sticker make sure that no camera gear is left behind? GearEye thinks so — the new system that uses radio-frequency ID, or RFID, tags to track every piece of gear down to the SD card is headed to Kickstarter for funding."
"Losing equipment is one of a photographer’s biggest fears. But, it happens...
GearEye aims to solve this problem by tagging and cataloguing all your equipment. It keeps track of it all, so that you don’t have to. We’ve heard promises like these before, though"
"Preparing and packing for shoots is one of the least pleasurable parts of my job. Making a list of what I need and then then packing into the bags, then questioning whether you packed something, so you unpack stuff and realize it was already in there. Ugh. GearEye could well become very useful indeed to take the stress out of packing. “
“ They use super thin, passive RFID (radio frequency identity tags) stickers that you stick onto all of your gear.” “As they are passive they don’t require batteries and have a range of about 3 meters"
Today we are taking a look at GearEye, which is a small device (also comes in the form of a phone case) that will help you manage and keep track of all your expensive equipment, gadgets and accessories.
This new device gives a better solution to find the things if misplaced somewhere I find it better solution to people to get things from anywhere. It is just a strip to paste it on your devices which is important and through the application on mobile just find it with the GPS or Tracking device connected with the device. Just a great device to solve many problems from stolen gadgets and many more things to be remember.
Track and organize your equipment with ease when you use the GearEye Gear Management System. Using smart technology, this system keeps a watchful eye on your stuff. Compatible with anything from your bag to small devices, simply attach the RFID GearTag to your gear. Using the dongle and the app, you can organize, reorganize, and track everything with a single tap. Perfect for professionals, you can use the app to create packing lists
GearEye works by using a system of RFID tags which ping a control/receiver unit which you access through your smartphone app. This allows you to check your list of gear before heading to or leaving from a shoot to make sure that everything you brought with you is in your bag and that you did not forget anything.
GearEye keeps track of your belongings by using RFID. These films are called “GearTags” and simply adhere to all your belongings. These are super thin, last years and need no batteries, making them a great solution for this task.
Filmmakers understand how annoying it is just to lose a lens cap, let alone a lens, a tripod, or god forbid, your camera. And when you're busy dealing with the chaos of prepping for or filming a project, it's easy to lose track of where your gear is, but GearEye is seeking to provide creatives a solution that not only allows them to organize and manage their equipment, but to locate it if it gets misplaced.
"GearEye works by using small, battery-free RFID adhesive GearTags, which you place on your photographic equipment. These serve as tracking devices for your gear. Once you’ve tagged all your equipment using the GearTags, then scan each tag via the app on your smartphone and name each item "
"As your collection of gear grows, it can be hard to keep track of where everything is. Not anymore. As you can see in the video above, the GearEye Gear Management System helps you keep your gear organized and tracked, that way you’re never left wondering where your second camera body or nifty fifty lens is at. All you have to do is place an RFID GearTag on your gear and GearEye will track it for you."