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These stickers work with your phone to make sure you never lose things again

If you are constantly misplacing  your belongings then this device could save you... 

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New Israeli development ensures that you leave the house with everything you need

GearEye is an entire equipment  management system that will  allow you to make sure ...

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They kept losing their stuff.  So they built a device to help  others like them

Yulia Lerner and Roie Galitz would misplace personal items  constantly. Yulia went ...

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GearEye Uses RFID To Track Your Gear

As photographers, we are  constantly lugging around a ton of gear. Everything from tripods and light stands ...

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GearEye The Ultimate Gear  Management System For  Professionals

If your profession requires you  carry lots of different components such as camera ...

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Geareye wants to be the only  solution you need for tracking  your equipment

Losing equipment is one of a photographer’s biggest fears. But, it happens ...

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