The GearEye Technology

Based on RFID technology, the solution is priced at a fraction of the cost of current commercially-available solutions, making it affordable for freelancers and SMEs alike.

Using a small UHF scanner device paired with an app on the user's phone, the solution organizes and keeps track of any items while on the go.

The GearEye prevents loss and misplacement of valuable items by alerting the users within seconds if a piece of equipment goes missing, helping them locate it, using RFID and GPS technology.

RFID uses radio waves to identify different objects automatically. An RFID scanner sends out electromagnetic waves, searching for the tag attached to an object. An RFID tag requires no external power as it draws energy from a field created by the Scanner and uses it to power up the microchip's circuits. The chip then modulates the waves and sends them back to the Scanner, which in turn converts these into digital data, in this case - the tag ID and its proximity.

GearEye has been granted patents on its innovations in RF field, antennas, unique form-factor, and location algorithms.

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