GearEye Tracking Devices

GearEye Starter Kit includes one RFID scanner and 20 mixed RFID tags

GearEye Kit

The GearEye kit is the best way to get you started on your way to organizing and tracking your gear.

The kit contains a scanner device and RFID tags and stickers to locate your equipment.

The delivery has started!

Our Starter Kit includes 

  • 1 GearEye Dongle - a compact RFID scanner
  • 15 regular stickers (4 Slim, 4 Large, 4 Medium, 3 Small)
  • 5 on-metal tags ( 2 Small, 3 Big)

Our Pro Kit includes 

  • 1 GearEye Dongle - a compact RFID scanner
  • 30 regular stickers (8 Slim, 8 Large, 8 Medium, 6 Small)
  • 10 on-metal tags (4 Small, 5 Big, 1 Slim)
$285.00 - $298.00
RFID stickers


Various RFID tags and stickers bundles are available to suit your needs as your gear inventory grows.


The assortment of RFID tags and stickers for different items.

Work together with GearEye dongle and the mobile app.

The GearTags will be delivered in December 2019

$17.00 - $168.00
RFID scanner

GearEye Dongle

Get an extra GearEye Dongle to scan additional bags.

The Dongle helps track, organize and locate your gear. It just needs GearTags and the app.