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What is RFID tag?

RFID tag is a small device with a memory chip and antenna. Their tiny form and low cost make them irreplaceable in many cases where bulky Bluetooth tags cannot help. GearTags are battery-free Tracking Tags , they may last for years

Do radio waves penetrate metal, water or walls?

Water, metal or thick walls make it difficult for any radio devices to penetrate through them, including various Bluetooth trackers or Wi-Fi or cellular. GearEye provides special on-metal tags which can be scanned with GearEye RFID Scanner even on metal surfaces, but within shorter reading distance than regular tags have

How does RFID work?

RFID tag has a microchip and antenna. GearEye's dongle, which is a compact RFID reader, sends electromagnetic waves to all the tags around. Then all the IDs received back are passed to the GearEye Mobile app and associated with different objects

What is RFID?

While Barcode requires line of site to identify the object, with RFID Tracker one can just scan the tagged object remotely from a few meters away. RFID stickers come in same sizes as barcode stickers and can also be attached to any kind of items, like documents, tools, books, wallets, sunglasses, photo-equipment, etc.

What RF technology are you using?

GearEye RFID Tracking Device and Tags complies with all RFID standards, and uses EPC Gen 2 communication protocol, and tunes the Dongle’s frequency band and other hardware properties according to specific country's regulations

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